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ITIL Foundation Certification Training

ITIL Foundation introduction

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) covers a set of practices and standards for IT service management. ITIL gives businesses guidance on best practices for using IT within their organisations. ITIL started out as a UK Government sponsored project to improve the methodologies used there for managing IT. It has since spread into business worldwide as it has been seen to provide exceptional improvements in the way IT is managed.

ITIL Foundation is the entry-level qualification. It provides a general awareness of key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL service lifecycle, including links between lifecycle stages and the processes they use.  The usual way to gain ITIL Foundation Certification is to attend a course and sit the examination on the last day of the course.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Why should I take ITIL Foundation?

As many organisations have adopted ITIL and it has gained in recognition worldwide, people who apply for positions in an ITIL-using business need to show an interest in, and an understanding of, ITIL. If your resume shows you have a Foundation certificate, that goes a long way to proving your awareness of ITIL.

Companies that adopt ITIL normally require existing staff to become skilled in its use, so they usually block-book ITIL Foundation training to bring everyone up to speed. In this circumstance, you may be obliged to take ITIL Foundation.

If a person achieves an ITIL certification, it demonstrates competence with one or more of the ITIL functions. It is possible to gain certification in several functions and this will show a more rounded approach to IT service management.  The ITIL Foundation Certificate is essential to qualify to take examinations at advanced ITIL levels.

Is it right for me?

ITIL Foundation training is very valuable to someone new to IT because it supplies a large number of essential IT concepts and terminology used in the business world. It shows how organised the IT function needs to be in modern life. If you have any interest in moving into IT service management, then studying ITIL Foundation is a good starting point.

There are no prerequisites to taking ITIL Foundation training, but you do need to have some exposure to IT beforehand and a keen willingness to learn about IT.

Foundation Examination Languages

The ITIL Foundation training course has been translated into many languages to meet the needs of the worldwide IT community. These include Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

Accredited Training Organisation in Melbourne and Sydney

ITIL qualifications are available through an international network of Accredited Training Organisations, and Accredited Trainers with Accredited materials. These have all been formally authorised to conduct ITIL training through a group of specialist Examination Institutes.

Logitrain is the premier Australian ITIL Accredited Training Centre, accredited by the PeopleCERT Examination Institute. The Logitrain ITIL Foundation course is based on the latest ITIL Training Certificate Syllabus, which is version 5.5 released in January 2013. Courses are regularly held at Logitrain facilities in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. If a customer has five or more staff requiring training, the course can be held at the customer’s premises.

Logitrain has a specially-created “Guaranteed IT Job” program for candidates looking for a career change or who are recent IT graduates. If you are interested in an ITIL course, and also want to get certified in other courses and get a guaranteed job, you should contact Logitrain to find out more. http://www.logitrain.com.au/courses/guaranteed-it-job-program.html

More information on the Logitrain ITIL training course can be found at:


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